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STEP 1  Select Category
1   Geography and Travels
2   History (of India)
3   Modern Indian History
4   Description and Modern Travels
5   Gazetteers
6   Biographies
7   Anthropological
8   Customs of India
9   Regions of India
10   Folklore of India
11   Sports in India
12   Forestry, Gardening, Farming
13   Products of India (Economic)
14   Domestic Economy
15   Mathematics, Astronomy
16   Flora
17   Fauna
18   Meteorology
19   Geology
20   Languages and Literature: Classical
21   Languages and Literature: Varia
22   Anglo-Indian Literature
23   Novels
24   Anglo-Indian Life
25   Music
26   Archaeology and Architecture Art
27   Chronology
28   Art
29   Education in India
30   Religion (General)
31   Indian Religions
32   Indian Philosophy
33   Zoroastrianism
34   Jainism
35   Buddhism
36   Islam
37   Missions in India
38   Various Indian Missions
39   Missions outside India
40   Protestant Missions
41   Law
42   Medicine
43   Government And Administration
44   Economics
45   World Order and Civilizations - Census of India
46   Central Asia
47   Iran (Persia)
48   East Asia (Mongolia)
49   South West Asia
50   Pakistan And Afghanistan
51   Japan
52   Tibet
STEP 2  Select Sub Category


A   North East India (Assam)

B   Bengal (incl. Bangladesh)

C   Calcutta

D   West India (Maharashtra, Goa, Gujarat etc.)

E   Formerly Burma

F   East India (Bihar, Orissa etc.)

G   Central India (Madhya Pradesh)

H   Himalaya (Kashmir, Sikkim, Bhutan, etc)

I   Formerly Kashmir

J   Madras Presidency

K   Formerly Mysore

L   Nepal

M   North India (Rajas than etc, for Delhi & U.P.)

N   Formerly Rajputana

O   Formerly Sikkim & Bhutan

P   Formerly Sindh

Q   Uttar Pradesh (incl. Delhi)

R   Punjab (Himachal, Haryana etc)

S   Formerly Ceylon

T   South India(Karnataka, Kerala, Andhra, Tamil Nadu)

V   Varia (Andamanís etc.)

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