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The Goethals Indian Library and Research Society

Mission Documents

Reminiscences of Brother Krynen SJ about St. Xavier's College since his arrival on 4 October 1865 + Krynen's remarks on Hosten's annals of St. Xavier's.

Memorials of Mission Superior's visit of Majlispur.

Catalogue of publications on Geography and travels.

Old maps of regions of North India.

Letters about Bengal Missions. 1861-64.

Documents about early years of Bengal missions.

Status Indiae Orentalis 1681. Scriptus A. P. Antonio Thomas Missionario Gallo Belga. Ex Siam 30 Octobris 1681. (Ceylon, Cochin, Cranganore, Canara)

Photos of St. Mary's Kurseong.

Extract: Historiae S.J. pars quinta tomus posterior 1701-1706 by J. Juvencio (Status Religionis et Societatis in Imperio Mogolis)

Malle des Indes : 1921 : Nos 1-6 (Juin - Nov. + supplement & no. 7 (Dec). 1922 : Nos 8&9 (Jan & Feb) & Nos. 11&12, Apr/May and seconds Annie : No. 1 (Juin)

Plates about early history of Madras.

List of historical documents about Bengal Mission.

Documents on Early history of Bengal Mission by Fr. Jules Henry SJ : 1828-46.

a) About various types of school final examination (1895-1903).

b) St. Xavier's College Committee of Management 1905.

Litterae Annuae Missionis Calcuttensis : 1860-65.

Prefecture Apostolic of Assam under the care of Calcutta Jesuits : 1915-

Catholic population in West Bengal : 1886 & follow.

Bullae Pontificiae re' early. Bengal Mission : 1838-64.

Convent Road Inscriptions : 1873-1912.

Diarium donnus Studiorum Provinciae Belgicae in Missione Calcuttensis : 1878 onwards.

Letters of Fr. Grosjean : 1903-14
Letters of Fr. E.H. Younan to Fr. Grosjeen : 1878-1899.
Other letters to Fr. Grosjean : 1878-99.
Letters to Fr. Perier : 1913-1921.

Catalogue of Books on India and Indian subject, collected by His Grace Dr. P. Goethals : 1898.

Addresses of benefactors & statements of accounts & relevant correspondence : 1880

School leaving certificates, by Fr. E. O'Neill SJ 1909-13, 1905-09, 1913-16 (Fr. Crohan), 1889-1902. (Stray document on early mission in S. India & Pegu).

Notes on early history of Bengal mission (according in 1865 to Fr. Victor De Buch SJ. Compiles by Fr. J. Henry SJ. Vols 2,3,4, from 1828-66.

Catholic Herald of India: 1906 & follow & catholic register : Dec 1929, Feb/ Apr. 1930.

Biography of Fr. S: Grosjean (Manuscript).

Original documents (of 18th century) from procure of the foreign mission of Paris, Pondichery.

Travellers in India in 16th & 17th centuries (with references).

From evangelical to Catholic by way of the east by W. WALLACE SJ (excerts from Catholic Herald of India of India : 7th Jan 1920-30 June 1920).

All documents before 1800.

History of St. Xavier's College : 1859-71, 1872-78.

Assorted photos of India (Darjeeling, Puri, Fakirs, Tribals, etc.)

The Mission during the World War 1.

VARIA during the World War 1914-18.

Documents Re' French Establishment Comptoire D'Janoun: 1767-1833

Catalogue of Fr. Hosten's Manuscripts
Letter from different Mission stations from / to superior : 1910-30.

Dublin documents re' English-Irish Jesuits in Calcutta : 1834 & foll.

Controversy about Catholic Missions of Congo.

Various documents (including the Bengal non-agricultural lands assessment Bill 1936.

Returns of Calcutta Archdiocese : 1880-91. 1895-99.

Controversy about Fr. Gille's article Swami, Padre et Saheb. Golden Jubilee of Fr. Lafont : 1906.

Old Maps : Chinese and Japanese.

Books on Chronology

  1. Hindu Chronology and Antediluvian History by S. R. Bosanquet 1880.
  2. Carnatic Chronology by C. P. Brown 1863.
  3. Elements of the Jewish and Muhammadan Calendars by S. B. Burnaby 1901.
  4. Arakanese Calendar 1820-1918 by Hoon Chan 1907.
  5. Book of Indian Eras by A Cunningham 1883.
  6. Kala Sankalita by John Warren 1825.

Books on Numismatics

  1. Coins of the Indo-Scythians by A. Cunningham 1888.
  2. Coins of Ancient India from the Earliest Times to the 7th century by A. Cunningham 1891.
  3. Coins of Southern India by W. Elliott 1886.
  4. Coins of Haidar Ali and Tipu Sultan by J. R. Henderson 1921.
  5. Catalogue of the coins of the Indian Museum by C. J. Rodgers 1893-1896.
  6. Notes on the Monetary System of Ancient Kashmir by M. A. Stein 1899.
  7. Early Sassanian Inscriptions, Seals and Coins by E. Thomas 1868.
  8. Useful Tables of coins, weights and measures of British India 1879.
  9. Currencies of the Hindu States of Rajputana by W. W. Webb 1893.
  10. Notes on the Mint-Towns and Coins of the Mohammedans by E. Leggett 1885..

The Goethals Indian Library and Research Society

The treasure was inherited by the Jesuit Fathers of St. Xavier's in 1908 from the then Archbishop of Calcutta, Paul Goethals, S.J. Archbishop Goethals, a Belgian who was Archbishop of Calcutta from 1886 to 1901, donated to the Jesuit Fathers his precious collection of books with the expectation that they be preserved as a separate library. Read more...

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