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International Seminars:

14-15 Jan, 1993, Calcutta : (a) Recent Integration and Transformation of European Economies and their impact on India and other LIEs , (b) Economics of Small Island Economics with special reference to Indian Ocean and Pacific Ocean Island Economics.

8-9 April, 1994, Calcutta : Poverty Alleviation in SAARC Region : Meeting the Challenge (partly funded by Planning Commission, India).

18-19 August, 1994, Calcutta: Environment Strategy of Sustainable Agricultural Development for India and Australia (partly funded by AIDAB, Australia).

4-6 June, 1997, Bhubaneswar : Tourism and Economic Development. A & A Economics Dept. Utkal University, Bhubaneswar in collaboration with the Dept. of Economies, Queensland University, Brisbane, Australia.

20-21 April, 1998, Rajsahi, Bangladesh : Recent Trends of Economic Reforms in SAARC Region, Institute of Bangladesh Studies, Rajsahi University, Bangladesh.

27-28 November, 2004, Colombo, Sri Lanka: TEN YEARS OF WTO AND TOWARDS AN ASIAN UNION, Aquinas College, Colombo, Sri Lanka

International Conferences on Development and Future Studies:

1. FIRST: Jan 10-13, 1992, Calcutta, India.

Themes: (a) Sustainability of Development, (b) Administrative Capacity and Mechanisms in Future, (c) International Independence in Trade and Technology: Past, Present and Future, (d) Poverty, Inequality and Policies.

Special lectures in memories of Gautam Mathur, C. D. Desmukh and S. N. Sen.

2. SECOND: Dec 12-14, 1993, Perth. Australia (University of Western Australia and Edith Cowan University): Themes: (a) Growth, Environment, Ecology and Ethics, (b) Economic Liberalisation and Structural Reforms, (c) Income, Wealth Distribution and Quality of life, (d) Historical, Social and Political Aspects of Development.

3. THIRD : July 31 -Aug 2, 1995, Helsinki, Finland (Swedish School of Economics and Business Administration ): Themes : (a) Trade, Foreign Investment and Economic Development, (b) Sustainable Economic Development, (c) Gender, Poverty and Inequality, (d) Historical, Social and Political aspects of Development.

4. FOURTH: Septeniber, 2-4, 1997, Bangi, Malaysia (IKMAS, University Kebangsaan, Malaysia): Focal Theme: Economic and Social Development Issues of the 21st Century: Asia and Emerging Market Economies.

Main Areas: (i) Role of the Service Sector in Economic Development (ii) Industrialization, Investment and Business Opportunities in Emerging Economies (iii) Agriculture and Rural Transformations (iv) Gender, Poverty, Environment and Human Development (v) Historical, Political, Sociological and Cultural processes of Development.

5. FIFTH: July 6-8, 1998, Mt. Pleasant, USA (Central Michigan University, USA)

Themes: (a) Women, Environment and Economic Growth (b) Economic Liberalisation, Structural Reforms and Economic Growth (c) Monetary and Fiscal Policies in a global Economy (d) Historical, Social and Political Aspects of Development.

6. SIXTH : June 30-July 2, 1999, Bloemfontein, South Africa.

Business Forum: Developing Trade links with Asia and the Pacific Basin.

Besides, the IIDS has completed three Major Research Projects so far sponsored respectively by the Planning Commission, ICEG (USA) and ICRIER (New Delhi) and Ministry of Labour, Govt. of India. It has also conducted a large number of Seminar in Kolkata.



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