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The International Institute for Development Studies, popularly known as IIDS in short, is an international centre for development studies involved since 1989 in multi-country-disciplinary research with its Head Office in Calcutta, India and External Research Centres currently in Australia, Bangladesh, Canada, Germany, Finland, Kenya, Malta, New Zealand, Norway, Russia, South Africa, Sweden, Tanzania, UK, USA and Venezuela.



International Seminars

International Conferences on Development and
Future Studies

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Aims and Objectives

1. To carry out research on all important development issues with a bias for inter-disciplinary approach; in particular, Economics, Politics, Sociology, Anthropology, Social Work, Commerce, History, Law and allied disciplines would receive special priorities;

2. To carry out consultancy works on behalf of various organisations and authorities particularly in areas pertaining to economic development ;

3. To publish the results of its research work and to disseminate the results to other institutions, organizations, independent researchers in the form of monographs, reports, journals etc ;

4. To establish facilities for staff exchange programme under which academics and researchers from other Institutions / Universities could come to the Institute and carry on independent or collaborative research work;

5. To provide facilities to post-graduate students to do their field work at the institute;

6. To be affiliated to voluntary organisations to enable the Institute exchange staff, scholars and post-graduate students to get the necessary inputs for their research work ;

7. To be affiliated to University and Research Centres for exchanging information and for collaboration in research and to enable the institute staff to supervise post-graduate research works of students of such Universities etc. leading to doctoral/post-doctoral degrees/diplomas;

8. To be directly involved in practical development work with a view to gain new insights of the problems of development;

9. To organise seminars, conferences and workshops and conduct short refresher / reorientation courses on development issues at different levels;

10. Any other activity which falls within the scope of development studies.



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