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Plates & Maps
  1. Ajanta Paintings twenty plates in colour Lalit Kala Akademi; New Delhi 1956 (28G/750)
  2. Allahu Akbar/Ba Hazrat Hai Ast Photographs of pages from Persian Document
  3. An Atlas of India by Trelawney Sanders Published: London, 1889 [1M/901]
  4. Annals and antiquities of Rajasthan by James Tod, 2 volumes, Smith, Elder, London, 1829, 1832 (9N/500)
  5. Antiquities of Dabhoi – Gujarat by Jas Burgess and H cousens George Waterston. Edinburgh; 1888. Text, illustrations, black & white plates (26B/753)
  6. Aproshanumandarpanam document in metal cylinder, Sanskrit document with illustrations Published: Sri Vani Vilas Press, Srirangam.
  7. Architecture at Beejapoor by Meadows Taylor and J Fergusson John Murray London 1866; Black & white plates, sketches, photographs (9D/801)
  8. Architecture in Dharwar and Mysore by Meadows Taylor and Fergusson John Murray; London, 1866. Black & white plates, sketches, photographs (26B/801)
  9. Atlas (14 maps-sheets) of J.L. Dutreuil De Rhins L’asie Centrale. 1889. [46/900]
  10. Atlas Junghuhn Java (plates) Lith. by C. W. Mieling [53B/900]
  11. Atlas of India In 3 parts published by the secretary of the State of India in council 1873-1879 [1M/902 (1) (2) (3)]
  12. Atlas-Description de l’Indostan by Cen Buache, J. Rennel, Published: Poignee, Paris. AN VIII. [1A/424]
  13. Batik Designs by Subha Sen, Technical publications; Santiniketan, West Bengal; Black & white plates (28G/751)
  14. Benares Illustrated by James Prinsep; Baptist Mission press; Calcutta 1833; Black & white plates (28A/759)
  15. Boro-Boedoee of het Eiland Java Boro-Boudour (Plates on Java Life) eight volumes by F.C. Wilsen. Litho by C.W. Mieling Published: E.J. Brill Leiden. (26G/902-908)
  16. Boro-Boedoer-het Eiland Java By F.C. Wilsen, C. Leemans; Published: E.J. Brill Leiden. [26G/901]
  17. Brief History of Ancient & Modern India By Francis William Blagdon Published: Edward Orme, London. 1805 [2A/900]
  18. Buddhism in Tibet-Atlas By Emil Schlagintweit; Published by F.A. Brockhaus. Leipzig. 1863.( 35/900)
  19. Calcutta and Its Environs By Charles D’ Oyly Bart. Published: Dickinson, London. 1848 (9C/900)
  20. Calcutta Map Sheet No: 1,3,4,5,6,8,9. Published: Surveyor General of India, Calcutta. 1895. [9C/901]
  21. Campaign in India 1857-1858 by George Francklin Atkinson Day & Son; London 1859, Coloured plates (3C/801)
  22. Carte de L’Inde by S D’Anville Duc D’Orleans 1752 Black & white maps (1A/801)
  23. Century of Birds from the Himalaya Mountains by John Gould; London 1831 Descriptions, coloured plates (17A/803)
  24. Ceremonies –Religieuses by B Picart 1728; Black & white illustrations, plates, Amsterdam (30B/ 750)
  25. Chinese Buddhist Monasteries by J Prip-Moller Oxford University Press Delhi 1985 Black & white sketches, photographs – plates (28A/468)
  26. Colebrook’s twelve views of the Kingdom of Mysore By R.H. Colebrook; London. 1794. [9T/900]
  27. Commelynaceae et Cyrtandraceae Bengalenses by C.B. Clarke Botanical illustrations Thacker, Spink, Calcutta 1874. (16/802)
  28. Costumes of Hindostan by Balt Solvyns, Sixty coloured engravings Edward Orme; London 1807 (8/700)
  29. Darjeeling photographs of People Black & white photo plates (9H/402)
  30. Darjeeling Scenery I, II (2 volumes) B/W photographs, 1911, 1912, (9H/401)
  31. Defence of Jellalabad by R H Sale and W L Walton J Hogarth; London 1845 (3B/800)
  32. Descriptions of two hundred fishes by Patrick Russell vol 1 W Bulmer, London 1803 Descriptions, black and white illustrations, plates (17A/802)
  33. Descriptive Ethnology of Bengal By Edward Tuitte Dalton (Portraits & text) Published: Govt. Printing, Calcutta. 1872 [7A/601]
  34. Divine Decree – Scroll Published: Sind Observer, Karachi. 1943
  35. Embassy of the Earl of Macartney By Staunton London, 1796 [1C/900]
  36. Fauna Antiqua Sivalensis Fossil Zoology of the Sewalik hills by Hugh Falconer. Two Volumes. Published by Smith, Elder. London. 1847. [17A/800 (1) (2)]
  37. Flora Java By Carolus Ludovicus Blume (plates) Published: Lugduni Batavorum. Amstelodami, 1858. [16/900(2)]
  38. Flora Java By Carolus Ludovicus Blume (Text) Published: Lugduni Batavorum. Amstelodami, 1858. [16/900(1)]
  39. Forschungen Auf Ceylon by Paul Sarasin und Dr. Fritz Sarasin 3 Volumes Black & white photo-plates, diagrams, Illustrations. 1886, 1887-93, 1887-88, (9S/600)
  40. Four Tibetan-Buddhist Scrolls with Buddhist-Mandala Art In full colour
  41. Fraser’s Views of Calcutta By James B. Fraser. Vol. 1 Published: Smith & Elder, London, 1826 [9C/903 (1)]
  42. Fraser’s Views of Calcutta By James B. Fraser. Vol. 2 Published: Smith & Elder, London, 1824 [9C/903 (2)]
  43. General Views of Lucknow By D S Dodgson Published: Day & Son. London, 1883 [26G/909(B)]
  44. General Views….City of Lucknow By D S Dodgson Published: Day & Son, London. 1860 [26G/909(A)]
  45. Gezigten Uit Neerlands Indie By C.W.M. van de velde Published: Frans Buffa. Amsterdam. 1841. [59/800]
  46. Glimpses of Bengal by A Claude Campbell Vol 1 Campbell; Calcutta 1907, Descriptions, black & white photo-plates (9B/750)
  47. Glimpses of the Nizam’s dominions by A Claude Campbell; Historical publishing; USA 1898; Descriptions, black & white photo-plates (9J/750)
  48. Golden Pomegranate by John Charles Edward Bowen Thacker & Co. Bombay 1957. Descriptions with coloured plates (21F/750)
  49. Habitants de L’Inde by J Trayer H Gache, Paris Black & White plates – litho (7A/801)
  50. Hindoo and European Manners in Bengal Twenty four plates; Illustrations by A. Colin. Sketches by Mrs. Belnos Published: Smith & Elder, London. 1832. [8/750]
  51. Hindu religious paintings a Folio 13 plates in colour Published: Calcutta Art Studio [28G/753]
  52. Hindu Religious pictures Published: Calcutta Art Studio [28D/1/G/3]
  53. Historical Researches on Bauddha and Jaina religions on Panjab and Afghanistan by James Bird. Black & white Illustrations- plates- American Mission Press, Bombay 1847 (26A/753)
  54. Illustrations of Himalayan plants by J F Cathcart and J D Hooler, W H Fitch; L Reeve; London, 1855 Descriptions & coloured plates (16/804)
  55. Illustrations of the Botany, Himalayan Mountains, Flora of Cashmere. 2 volumes by J Forbes Royle Wm H Allen; London 1839. Plates and descriptions (16/602)
  56. In the Mission field –diocese of Damaun 1925 (photographs) (38L/142)
  57. India and Adjacent Countries Sheet no: 44 (Lahore) Published: Surveyor General of India. 1919
  58. India and Adjacent Countries Sheet no: 52 (China, Kashmir, Jammu, Punjab, Tibet) Published: Surveyor General of India. 1925
  59. India and Adjacent Countries Sheet no: 52 Leh (East Turkistan, Kashmir, Punjab, Tibet) Published: Surveyor General of India. 1916
  60. India and Adjacent Countries Sheet no: 53 (Punjab, Rajputana, Delhi, Tibet) Published: Surveyor General of India. 1915
  61. India and Adjacent Countries Sheet no: 62 (Manasarowar) Published: Surveyor General of India. 1925
  62. India-Ancient & Modern by William Simpson Vol. 1: Text Published: Day & Son. London 1867 [2A/750 (1)]
  63. India-Ancient & Modern by William Simpson Vol. 2: Plates Published: Day & Son. London 1867 [2A/750 (2)]
  64. Javasche Oudheden By C W Mieling & Te "Shage Nederlanden. 1852 [26A/900]
  65. Jeypore portfolio – Architectural details by S S Jacob Bernard Quaritch, London 1890. 6 Volumes. Vol 1 – Coping and plinths, Vol 2 - Pillars – caps and bases, Vol 3 – Carved doors, Vol 4 –Brackets, Vol 5 – Arches, Vol 6 – Balustrades Black and white diagrams, illustrations, plans, plates, Vol 7 – String and Brand patterns 1894; Vol 8 – Wall and surface decoration 1896; Vol 9 – Dados 1898; Vol 10 – Parapets 1898; Black and white diagrams, plans, plates. (26B/600)
  66. Journal of Indian Art Records and Relics of the East Indian Company By Geo. C. M. Birdwood (vol. III) Published: W. Griggs, London. 1890. [3B/509]
  67. Journal of Indian Art Volumes 1,2,5&8 Published: London, 1886,1888,1894,1900 [28A/758(1)(2)(5)(8)]
  68. Kishangarg Painting By Eric Dickinson & Karl Khandalavala Published: Lalit Kala Akademi, India 1959. [28G/458]
  69. Krakatau-Album By R.D.M. Verbeek (in a folio) Published: Institut National de Geographie, Bruxelles. 1849. [18/901]
  70. L’Inde Francaise By M.E. Burnouf. Vol. 1. (Plates & text) Published: Chabrelie, Paris. 1827 [2F/750 (1)]
  71. L’Inde Francaise By M.E. Burnouf. Vol. 2. (Plates & text) Published: Chabrelie, Paris. 1835 [2F/750 (2)]
  72. Les Hindous By F. Baltazard Solvyns, 2 volumes Published: Chez L’Auteur, Paris Vol. 1: 1808, Vol. 2: 1810 [8/900 (1-2)]
  73. Les Hindous By F. Baltazard Solvyns, Vol. 3 Published: L’Imprierie de Mame, Paris, 1811 [8/900(3)]
  74. Les Hindous By F. Baltazard Solvyns, Vol. 4 Published: L’Imprierie de Mame, Paris, 1812 [8/900(3)]
  75. Map of India – 1877 Compiled by J O N James; Published: Surveyor General’s Office, Calcutta. 1870 (1A/B4/C2)
  76. Maps of Bengal and Bahar in VIII parts with an Index; published by J Rennell 1779 (9B/800)
  77. Marco Polo Carte geografiche by conte Baldelli Firenze; 1822. One big map (1C/750)
  78. Midden-sumatra (1877-1879) by P J Veth Leiden E J Brill 1882 Topographical Maps (53B/750)
  79. Monuments anciens et modernes de L’Hindoustan by L Langles, volume One, P. Didot Paris 1821 Black & white maps, plates, illustrations, plans (26B/752)
  80. Monuments de L’hindoustan by L Langles; Volume two P Didot; Paris 1821 Black & white plates (26B/752)
  81. Nepal People and Scenery Black & white photographs [9H/903]
  82. Oriental field Sports 40 Coloured engravings By Thomas Williamson & Samuel Howett Published: Edward Orme, London 1807 [11/900]
  83. Oriental races and tribes of Bombay by William Johnson, Black & white photos, W J Johnson London 1863 (7A/750)
  84. Oriental Scenery – 150 views By Thomas & William Daniell; Published: Authors, London. 1816 [4/500]
  85. Oriental Scenery By Thomas & William Daniell Six Volumes of Plates and one Volume of description on plates. Published by the Authors; London. 1816. [4/900(1-7)]
  86. Oud en Nieuw Oost-Indien By Francois Valentyn, 5 vol; Vol. 3 in 2 parts, vol. 4 in 2 parts, vol. 5 in 2 parts. (total 8 books) Published: J Van Braam Amsterdam 1724 (plates & maps) [2G/501(1-5)]
  87. Paintings in the Buddhist Cave temples of Ajanta By John Griffiths. Vol. 1 Published: W. Griggs, London. 1896 [28D/900(1)]
  88. Paintings in the Buddhist Cave Temples of Ajanta By John Griffiths. Vol. II Published: W. Griggs, London. 1897 [28D/900(2)]
  89. Panoramic India By W R Wallace Vol. 1; Published: D.B. Taraporevala, Bombay. 1930 [1M/900 (1)]
  90. Panoramic India By W R Wallace Vol. 2 Published : D.B. Taraporevala, Bombay. 1930 [1M/900 (2)]
  91. Peiping-China’s Ancient Capital Photographs by Dmitri Kessel; coloured photo-plates 1946 (55/601)
  92. Photographs of Madras and Burmese Artware, Autotype Co. London, 1886. 50 plates. (28A/489)
  93. Picturesque Voyage to India By Thomas & William Daniell; Published: Longman, Hurst, London. 1810 [4/702]
  94. Plans of Hooghly River Survey Published: Surveyor General of India, Calcutta. 1887, 1881-82-83.
  95. Plantae Asiaticae Rariores By Nathaniel Wallich 3 Volumes; Published: Treuttel & Wurtz, London 1830. [16/803 (1-3)]
  96. Plants of the Coast of Coromandel By William Roxburgh, 3 Volumes Published: W. Bulmer, London, 1795 [16/901 (1-3)]
  97. Portfolio of Illustrations of Sind Tiles by Henry Cousens W. Griggs, London 1906; Coloured plates (26B/601)
  98. Portraits of the princes and people of India by Miss Eden J Dickinson; London, 1844. Black & white plates (7A/802)
  99. Posthumous papers Palms of British East India by William Griffith, Printed: Charles A. Serrao. Calcutta 1850 (16/806)
  100. Preservation of National Monuments of India 10 Volumes. Published by Governor General in Council for the curator of Ancient Monuments in India. Coloured and Black & white plates Vol. 1 – Dehli (1884); Vol 2 – Golden temple at Amritsar-Punjab (1884). Vol 3 – Temples at Trichinopoly (1884). Vol 4 – Great Temple to Siva and his consort at Madura (1884) Vol 5 – Great Buddhist Tope at Sanchi (1885) Vol 6 – Graeco Buddhist Sculptures from Yusufzani (1885) Vol 7 – Buildings in the Punjab (1884) Vol 8 – Agra and Gwalior (1885) Vol 9 – Meywar (1884) Vol 10 – Tomb of Jahangir at Shahdara near Lahore (1884) (26B/750)
  101. Principal Ruins of Asia Minor by Charles Texier & R.P. Pullan Day & Son; London, 1865. Architectural plans-plates (26A/800)
  102. Rajahs Nizams and Maharanas, Black & white Photographs [3A/900]
  103. Recollections of India By Charles Stewart Hardinge. Pt. 1 Published: Thomas M’lean, London. 1847 [4/901]
  104. Results of a Scientific Mission to India & High Asia By Hermann, Adolphe and Robert de Schlagintweit; Published: F A Brockhavs Leipzig. 1861 [18/900]
  105. Rgyan-Drug Mchog-Guyis, Namgyal Institute of Tibetology, 7 plates Gangtok; 1962. (31F/614)
  106. Rhododendrons of Sikkim-Himalaya by Joseph Dalton Hooker Reeve & Co.; London, 1849. Descriptions & coloured plates (16/805)
  107. Ruins of Mandov by G Guiaud and Claudius Harris Day & Son; London, 1860 Coloured plates with descriptions (26A/801)
  108. Rumphia, commentationes Botanicae by C L Blumes cognomine Rumphius volumes 3 and 4 coloured Botanical plates Lugdum – batavorum 1847, 1848.(16/750)
  109. Sanskrit Manuscript Hand made paper, Period: Unknown, Script: Bengali
  110. Scenery and Reminiscences of Ceylon by I Deschamps Ackermann; London, 1845. Plates and notes (9S/800)
  111. Scenery, costumes, architecture of Western India by Robert Melville Grindlay Smith, Elder, London 1830. Coloured plates (28A/760)
  112. Scenery, Inhabitants & Costumes of Afghaunistan By James Rattray, Published: Hering & Remington, London, 1847 [50/900]
  113. Schau-Platz-Africa und Ost-Indien By Johann Wolfgang Heydt, Published: Johann Karl. Verlag. 1744 [2G/500]
  114. Select views in India 1780-83 By William Hodges, London. 1786 [4/902]
  115. Sketches About Kurrah By Lew G Abbott Published: Engelmann, London. 1831 [9Q/900]
  116. Sketches in Afghanistan By Jas Atkinson, Published: Henry Graves, London, 1842. [50/901]
  117. Sketches of Ceylon by Eugene de Ransonnet, Vienna, 1867, Coloured & B/W Plates (9S/750)
  118. Sketches of Delhi By J.R. Turnbull Published: T. McLean, London. 1858. [3C/750]
  119. Sketches of Manners & Customs of Indians and Anglo-Indians by William Tayler, Thomas McLean, London 1842 Coloured Plates (Original drawings from life) (8/800)
  120. Sketches of Native life in India by Charles Richard Francis Black & white plates Meldola, Cahn London 1848 (8/601)
  121. Sketches of the Deccan By Philip Meadows Taylor Originally drawn on stone, Published: Charles Tilt. London 1837 [9D/800]
  122. Sketches of the Siege of Lucknow by Clifford H Mecham Day & Son; London 1858. Coloured (brown) Plates (3C/800)
  123. Statistical atlas of India–1886 Calcutta, 1886. Various maps & commentary [44/750(86)]
  124. Statistical atlas of India–1895 Calcutta, 1895. Various maps & commentary [44/750(95)]
  125. Sundhya- Daily prayers of Brahmins By S C Belnos, Published: London, 1851 [31D/900]
  126. Tableaux Historiques de L’asie by J Klaproth, Atlas A. Schubart; Paris 1826. Coloured maps (2A/751)
  127. Thannatophidia of India – Venomous snakes by J Fayrer J & A Churchill London 1872 Descriptions & coloured plates (17A/801)
  128. The Ancient Manuscript of the Yasna. [Parsi-zoroastrian script] Reproduced in Facsimile Introd: L H Mills; Published: Clarendon Press, Oxford 1893 [33/900]
  129. The Pictorial Arts of Japan by William Anderson, Sampson Low, London 1886. Black & white illustrations, Photos-plates (51/750)
  130. Travels in Western India by James Tod, Wm H Allen, London 1839. Description and plates. (9N/501)
  131. Twenty-Eight Panoramic Views of Calcutta By William Wood; Published: W. Wood, London. 1833 [9C/902]
  132. Two Albums of Loreto College, Darjeeling - Old, Brittle, faded photographs
  133. Varia-Photographs (Scenery, People, Places, Singapore, Kandi etc.) Four portfolios[4/903(1-4)]
  134. View in the Neilgherry & Koondah Ranges By Captain Peacocke; Published: Paul Gucci, London. [9J/800]
  135. Views in India - during the Seapoy MutinyBy D. Sarsfield Greene; Published: Thomas Mc.Lean, London. 1859. (3C/900)
  136. Views in India-Neelgherry Hills By Richard H.R. Barron; London. 1837. [9J/900]
  137. Views in the Himala Mountains By J. B. Fraser; Published: Redwell & Martin, London, 1820 [9H/900]
  138. Views of India By Johnston & Hoffman; Photographs of Calcutta & Simla (4/906)
  139. Voyages du Chevalier Chardin, en perse by L Langles Atlas S; Black & white plates Le Normant, Paris, 1811 (1C/800)



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