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Books on Castes, Races and Tribes

  1. The people of India by J D Anderson 1913.
  2. Races of Afghanistan by H. W. Bellew 1880.
  3. Hindu Castes and Sects by J N Bhattacharya 1896.
  4. Tribes of the hindu Kush by J. Biddulph 1880.
  5. Rajputs by A. H. Bingley 1898.
  6. Brahman by A. H. Bingley 1897.
  7. Dogras by A. H. Bingley 1899.
  8. Primitives of the Nilgiris by J. W. Breeks 1873.
  9. Chamars by C. W. Briggs 1920.
  10. Natives of the Northern India by W. Crooke 1907.
  11. Descriptive Ethnology of Bengal by E. T. Dalton 1872.
  12. Baloch Race by M. L. Dames 1904.
  13. Kacharis by S. Endle 1911.
  14. Handbook of Sikhs by R. W. Falcon 1896.
  15. Kachins by C. Gilhodes 1922.
  16. Oraons and Mundas by A. Grignard 1909.
  17. Khasis by P. R. T. Gurdon 1914.
  18. Angami Nagas by J. H. Hutton 1921.
  19. Account of the Gypsies of India by D. Macritchie 1886.
  20. Wild Races of South-Eastern India by T. H. Lewin 1870.

Books on Chronology

  1. Hindu Chronology and Antediluvian History by S. R. Bosanquet 1880.
  2. Carnatic Chronology by C. P. Brown 1863.
  3. Elements of the Jewish and Muhammadan Calendars by S. B. Burnaby 1901.
  4. Arakanese Calendar 1820-1918 by Hoon Chan 1907.
  5. Book of Indian Eras by A Cunningham 1883.
  6. Kala Sankalita by John Warren 1825.

Books on Numismatics

  1. Coins of the Indo-Scythians by A. Cunningham 1888.
  2. Coins of Ancient India from the Earliest Times to the 7th century by A. Cunningham 1891.
  3. Coins of Southern India by W. Elliott 1886.
  4. Coins of Haidar Ali and Tipu Sultan by J. R. Henderson 1921.
  5. Catalogue of the coins of the Indian Museum by C. J. Rodgers 1893-1896.
  6. Notes on the Monetary System of Ancient Kashmir by M. A. Stein 1899.
  7. Early Sassanian Inscriptions, Seals and Coins by E. Thomas 1868.
  8. Useful Tables of coins, weights and measures of British India 1879.
  9. Currencies of the Hindu States of Rajputana by W. W. Webb 1893.
  10. Notes on the Mint-Towns and Coins of the Mohammedans by E. Leggett 1885.

Books on Archaeology and Architecture

  1. Ruins of Nalanda Monasteries at Burgaon by A. M. Broadley 1872.
  2. Catalogue of prehistoric antiquities in the Indian Museum 1917.
  3. Rock Temples of Elephanta or Gharapuri by J. Burgess 1871.
  4. Report on the Antiquities of Kathiawad & Kachh by J. Burgess 1876.
  5. Report on the Buddhist Cave Temples and their Inscriptions by Jas Burgess 1883.
  6. On the Muhammadan Architecture of Bharoch, Cambay, Dholka, Champanir and Mahamudabad in Gujarat by Jas Burgess 1896.
  7. Descriptive and historical papers relating to the seven Pagodas on the Coromandel Coast by M. W. Carr 1869.
  8. Memorandum on Ancient Documents in Eusofzai by H. H. Cole 1883.
  9. Chalukyan Architecture of the Kanarese Districts by Henry Cousens 1926.
  10. Antiquities of Indian Tibet by A. H. Francke 1926.
  11. Sharqi Architecture of Jaunpur by A. Fuhrer 1889.
  12. Portfolio Studies of Ancient Hindu Architecture by B. R. Harrington 1888.
  13. Antiquarian remains at Sopara and Padana by B. Indraji 1882.
  14. Preservation of National Monuments by J. B. Keith 1883.
  15. Architecture in the Himalayas by William Simpson 1883.


  1. Tea Industry in India by S. Baildon 1882.
  2. Cultivation of Ficus Elastica by C. Bald 1906.
  3. Diamonds, coals and gold of India by V. Ball 1881.
  4. Monograph on the woolen fabrics of Bengal by N. N. Banerjee 1899.
  5. Report on the gums, resins, oleo-resins and resinous products by M. C. Cooke 1874.
  6. Liberian coffee in Ceylon by G. A. Cruwell 1878.
  7. Tin Mining in India by P. Doyle 1879.
  8. Gold, gems and pearls in Ceylon and South India by J. Ferguson 1888.
  9. Jute cultivation in Bengal by P. J. Gomes 1929.
  10. Indigo manufacture by J. B. Lee.
  11. De Kinacultuur in Azie by J. C. B. Moens 1882.
  12. Monograph on paper and papier – Mache in Bengal by D. N. Mookerji 1908.
  13. Hand-book of Sericulture by N. G. Mukerji 1912.
  14. Plants and Drugs of Sind by J. A. Murray 1881.
  15. Handbook of Cotton cultivation by J. T. Wheeler 1863.

Forestry, Gardening, Farming

  1. Timber trees, timber and fancy woods by E. Balfour 1862.
  2. Notes on Indian Agriculture by B. C. Basu 1893.
  3. Forest and Flora of North-West and Central India by D. Brandis 1874.
  4. Forests and Gardens of South India by H. Cleghorn 1861.
  5. Report on the Teak forests of the Tenasserim Provinces by H. Falconer 1852.
  6. Indian conservatory and guide to Orchid Growing by G. B. Groves 1889.
  7. Indian flower Gardener by Landolicus 1877.
  8. Monograph on the coconut Palm by J. Shortt 1888.
  9. Roses and how to grow them in India by R. B. West 1887.
  10. Cultivation of ornamental plants by H. H. Spry 1841.
  11. Manual of Indian Timbers by J. S. Gamble 1881.
  12. Manual of Indian sylviculture by E. E. Fernandez 1888.
  13. Crops of Bengal by D. L. Roy 1906.
  14. Forest Flora of British Burmah by S. Kurz 1877.
  15. English vegetables and flowers in India and Ceylon by D. Mc. Donald 1890.


  1. Pig sticking or Hog hunting by R. S. S. Baden-Powell 1889.
  2. Sport in Bengal by E. B. Baker 1887
  3. Large and small game of Bengal by J H Baldwin 1883
  4. Falconry in the valley of the Indus by R F Burton 1852
  5. Tiger Shooting in the Doon and Ulwar by J C F Cookson 1887
  6. Ivory King by C F Holder, 1886
  7. Manual of Indian Sport by A Monkoy 1876
  8. Historical researches on the sports and wars of the Mongols and Romans by J Ranking 1826
  9. Tiger shooting in India by W Rice 1857
  10. Scottish Moors and Indian Jungles by J T Newall 1889
  11. Oriental field sports by T Williamson 1819
  12. Angling in the Kumaun lakes by W Walker 1888
  13. Wild sports of the East by T Williamson 1807
  14. Polo in India by G J Younghusband 1890
  15. Sporting and military adventures by B Walshe 1875


  1. Folklore of Bengal by Lal Behari Day 1892
  2. Santal folk tales by A Campbel 1891
  3. Popular poetry of the Baloches by M L Dames 1907
  4. Folk tales of Kashmir by J H Knowles 1888
  5. Eastern proverbs and emblems by J Long 1881
  6. Tale of the Tulsi plant and other studies by C A Kincaid 1908
  7. Kurukh Folklore in the original by Fred Mahn 1905
  8. Vickram Charita by Murridass 1855
  9. Curiosities of Indo-European tradition and folklore by W K Kelly 1863
  10. Rajaniti by Lallu Lala 1869
  11. Contes et legendes de L’Inde ancienne by M Summer 1878
  12. Chants populaires de L’Inde by M Garcinde Tassy
  13. Prakrita-Suktarathamala by P C Nahar 1919
  14. Legends of the Afghan countries by C Masson 1848
  15. Hatim’s Tales by Aurel Stein 1923
  16. Hitopadesa or the book of good counsel by B M Wortham
  17. Proverbs and folklore of Kumaun and Garhwal by G D Upreti 1894
  18. Tales of the Pandavas by Cimmerian 1884
  19. Legends of the Panjab by R C Temple
  20. Outlaws of Kathiawar by C A Kincaid 1905

Books on Education

  1. Education in India under the East India Company by B D Basu
  2. College of Fort William by C Buchanan 1805
  3. Fourteen Experiments in Rural Eduction by A B Van Doren & K T Paul 1928
  4. Higher Education in Bengal under British Rule by J Ghosh 1926
  5. Ancient Indian Education by P E Keay 1918
  6. Review of progress of Education in Bengal 1922-23 to 1926-27
  7. Papers connected with the Establishment of Universities in India 1857
  8. Post-graduate Teachery in the university of Calcutta 1918-19
  9. La Martiniere Chronicle 1900
  10. Promotion of learning in India by Early European settles up to 1800 by N N Law 1915

Books on Epigraphy

  1. Coorg Inscriptions by B Lewis Rice 1886
  2. Les Inscriptions de Piyadasi by E Senart 1881-1886
  3. Topographical list of the inscriptions of the Madras Presidency by V Rangacharya 1919
  4. List of Christian Tombs and Monuments in the N W provinces and Oudh by A Fuhrer 1896
  5. Les Inscriptions Chinoises de Bodh-Gaya by E D Chavannes 1896
  6. List of Tombs in Bengal by E S Wenger 1895

Books on Art

  1. Dance of Siva by A Coomaraswamy 1924
  2. Illustrations on Sind Tiles by Henry Cousens 1906
  3. L’Art Khmer by Cte.de Croizier 1875
  4. L’Art Antique de la Perse by Diculafoy 1884
  5. Description of Indian and Oriental Armour by Egerton 1896
  6. Jeypore Enamels by S S Jacob & T H Hendley 1886
  7. Alwar and its Art Treasures by T H Hendley 1888
  8. History of fine Art in India & Ceylon by V A Smith 1911
  9. Gardens of the Great Moghuls by C M V Stuart 1913
  10. Catalogue of the paintings, status, framed prints etc in the rooms of the Asiatic Society of Bengal by C R Wilson 1897

 Indian Customs and Life

  1. De Moribus Brachmanorum by St. Ambrosius 1668
  2. De Braghmanibus by Anonymus 1668
  3. Les civilisations de L’Inde by Gustave Le Bon 1887
  4. Altindisches Ahnenalt by W Caland 1893
  5. Indian Gods, Sages and cities by C Cesary 1881
  6. Conformite des coutumes des Indiens Orientaux by De la Creguiniere 1704
  7. Moeurs, Institutions et ceremonies des peuples de L’Inde by J A M L’Abbe Dubois
  8. Brahmanen und cudras by A Hillebrandt 1896
  9. Paharia Burial- customs by H Hosten 1909
  10. Chants populaires dusud de L’Inde by E Lamairesse 1868
  11. Das Wurfelspiel im alten
  12. Hindu Fasts and Feasts by A C Mukherjee 1918
  13. Mystics, Ascetics and saints of India by j Campbell-Oman 1905
  14. De Gentibus Indiaet Bragmani bus by Palladius 1668
  15. La porte ouverte.. Connoiffance du paganisme by A Roger 1670
  16. Marriage of Hindu widows by Iswarchandra Vidyasagar 1864
  17. Indian recreations by W Tennant 1804
  18. Costumes of Hindostan by B Silvyns 1807
  19. Suwarta and other sketches of Indian life by A H Small 1894
  20. Report on Budhuk aliasBagree dacoits by W H Sleeman 1849


  1. Mishmee Hills by T T Cooper 1873
  2. Notes on the early history of Manipur by A F M Abdul Ali 1923
  3. Travels and adventures in the province of Assam by J Butler 1885
  4. Bengal directory and general register 1826
  5. Begams of Bengal by S C Berman 1915
  6. Histoire des conquetes au Bengal by William Bolts 1858
  7. Etat du Bengal by Raynal 1775
  8. Echoes from Old Calcutta by H E Busted 1897
  9. Thacker’s guide book to Calcutta by W k Firminger 1906
  10. Early history of the Dekkan by R G Bhandarkar 1884
  11. Ras Mala or Hindoo Annals of Goozerat by A K Forbes 1856
  12. Burma after the conquest by G Geary 1886
  13. Letters from Mandalay by J A Colbeck 1892
  14. Orissa by W W Hunter 1872
  15. History of Bihar Indigo factories by M Wilson 1908
  16. Himalayan Journal by J D Hooker 1854
  17. Notes of a Trip to Kedarnath by j Muir 1853
  18. Kashmir and Kashgar by H W Bellew 1875
  19. Rajatarangini or chronicle of the kings of Kashmir by Kalhain 1892
  20. Wild life in Canana and Ganjam by G S Forbes 1885
  21. Voyages aux ruinses de Golconde et a la cite des morts by L Jacolliot 1875
  22. Sketch of the dynasties of south India by R Sewell 1883
  23. Mysore reversion by Evans Bell 1865
  24. Views in Mysore by J Hunter 1805
  25. Account of the kingdom of Nepal by Kirkpatrick 1811
  26. History of Nepal by Daniel Wright 1877
  27. History of Ceylon by W Knighton 1845
  28. History of Bahawalpur by S Ali 1848
  29. Scinde or the unhappy valley by R F Burton 1851
  30. Sketch of Mairwara by C G Dixon 1850

Books on Ethnology

  1. Flint cores and flakes from sakhar by W T Blanford
  2. Stone Implements from Singbhum by V Ball
  3. Identification of pauranik tribes with those in Dalton’s texts by R Banerji
  4. Batchelor’s hall among the Mikirs of Assam by C Brownlow
  5. Barah Bhuyas of Eastern Bengal by J Wise
  6. Tribes south of Sibsagar by S E Peal
  7. Alti Hills in Cuttack by John Beames
  8. Antiquities of Jaipur in Orissa by C Banerji
  9. Dutch records of Chinsura by E Lethbridge
  10. Mahasthan near Bagura by C J O’Donnell
  11. Site of Fort Ekdalah by E V Westmacott
  12. Kharakpur in Monghyr by R Bose
  13. Ballads of Bhagalpur by R Bose
  14. Omerpore in Behar by R Bose
  15. Compilmuni and its Antiquities by R Bose
  16. Muhammadan historians on Chota Nagpur by H Blochmann
  17. Ghargaon in Assam by J M Foster
  18. Legend of Baghesar of the Gonds by B L Samuells
  19. Shah Jalal by J Wise
  20. Tirthas of Vrinda-Vana and Gokula by F S Growse
  21. Country of Braj by F S Growse
  22. Notes on Old Delhi by J D Tremlett
  23. History of the Gakk’hars by J G Delmerick
  24. District of Dera Ismail Khan by T W H Talbort

Books on Flora

  1. Flora Javae et insularum adjacentium by C L Biume, Amsteladami 1858
  2. Album of Indian Ferns by C E Baynes, London 1887
  3. Cultivated oranges and lemons of Indian and Ceylon by E Bonavia, London 1890
  4. Thesaurus Zeylanicus exhibens plantas in insula Zeylana Nascentes by Joannis Burmanni, Amsteladami 1737
  5. Bombay flora by N A Dalzell, Bombay 1861
  6. Hortus Malabaricus, notis adauxit by H Van Rhede tot-drakestein- 12 volumes and catalogue, amsteladami
  7. Flora sanscrite by Hector Dufrene, Paris 1887
  8. Notulae ad plantas asiaticas by W M Griffith, Calcutta 1847-1851
  9. Decade di Alberi Curiosi et eleganti piante della Indie Orientali by G Hill Roma 1786
  10. Flora of British India by J D Hooker 7 Volumes, London 1875-1897
  11. Due libri dell’Historia dei semplici, aromati et altre cose’che vengono portate dal’Indie orientali, by Garzia Dall’morto, venetia 1582
  12. Flora Indica-series by William Roxburgh, Calcutta 1795-1874
  13. Prodromus florae peninsulae Indiae orientalis by Robert Wight, London 1834
  14. I cones plantarum Indiae orientalis by Robert Wight, 6 vols, madras 1840-1853
  15. Hortus suburbanus Calcuttensis by J O Voight, Calcutta 1845

Books on Meteorology

  1. Cyclones of the Far East by Jose Algue, Manila 1904
  2. Whirlwinds & Dust-storms of India by P F H Baddeley, London 1860
  3. Indian meteorologist’s vade-mecum by H F Blanford, Calcutta 1876
  4. Results of a scientific mission to India and high Asia, with an atlas by Robert de Schlagintweit, 4 volumes, London 1861-66
  5. Eruption of Krakatoa by G J Symons, London 1888

Books on Geology

  1. Catalogue of Minerals, ores and Rocks, Madras 1890
  2. Die Indischen mineralien by R Garbe, Leipzig 1882
  3. Sketch of the Geoogy and geography of the Himalaya mountains and Tibet by H H Hayden 1907-1908
  4. Palacontologia Indica 1861-1901. 26 volumes

Bengal famine of 1874-1876

  1. Black pamphlet of Calcutta- Bengal famine by a Bengal civilian, London 1876
  2. Peasanty of Bengal, by R C Dutt, Calcutta 1874
  3. Famine aspects of Bengal districts, by W W Hunter, London 1874
  4. Report on the Food-grain supply and statistical review of the relief operations in the distressed districts of Bihar and Bengal, Calcutta 1876
  5. Tour along the famine districts of India by F H S Mercwether, London 1898

Books on Fauna

  1. Rumphia Indiae orientalis by C L Blume Paris 1835-48
  2. Handbook of the birds of the Bombay presidency by H E Barnes, Calcutta 1885
  3. Handbook of the Freshwater fish of India by R Beavan, London 1877
  4. Catalogue of butterflies from Sikkim and Bhutan, Darjeeling 1872
  5. Poisonous snakes of India by Joseph Ewart, London 1878
  6. Stray Feathers – a journal of Ornithology for India by Allan Hume, 12 volumes, Calcutta 1873-99
  7. Fauna Antiqua sivalensis by Hugh Falconer, London 1846
  8. Conchologia Indica by Sylvanus Hanley, London 1876
  9. Nests and eggs of Indian birds by Allan O Hume, London 1889-90
  10. Mammals of India by T C Jerdon, London 1874
  11. Arachnide by R I Pocock, Calcutta 1900
  12. Cestodes by Southwell, London 1930
  13. Coleoptera by W W Fowler, Calcutta 1912
  14. Dermaptera by M Burr, Calcutta 1910
  15. Hirudinea by W A Harding, Calcutta 1927
  16. Mollusca by H B Preston, Calcutta 1915
  17. Reptilia and Batrachia by George A Boulenger, Calcutta 1890
  18. Rhynchota by W L Distant, Calcutta 1902
  19. Oligochaeta by J Stephenson, London 1923
  20. Orthoptera (Acridiidae) by W F Kirby, Calcutta 1914

Books on Indian Philosophy

  1. Sankhya, Vaiseshika, Yoga philosophy by James R Ballantyne, Mirzapore 1850
  2. Quelques concepts fondamentaux des hindous by Arthur Avalon, Calcutta 1917
  3. Dialoques on the Hindu philosopy by K M Banerjea, London 1861
  4. Essais sur la philosophie des hindous by M H T Colebrooke, Paris 1833
  5. Der Idealismus der Indischen religions philosophie, Freiburg 1901
  6. Geschichte der philosophie by Paul Deussen, Leipzig 1906
  7. Rational refutation of the Hindu philosophical systems, by N Nilakantha Sastri Goreh, Calcutta 1862
  8. Introduction Generale a L`Etude des doctrines hindoues by Rene Guenon, Paris 1921
  9. Sarva-Darsana-Samgraha by Madhava Acharya, London 1882
  10. Six systems of Indian philosophy by F Max Muller, London 1903
  11. Religio-Philosophic History of India by O C D Zacharius, Ernakulam 1921
  12. Essay on the Doctrine of the Unreality of the world in the Advaita by G Dandoy, Calcutta 1919
  13. Introduction to vedanta philosophy by Pramathanath Mukhopadhyaya, Calcutta 1928
  14. Atmabodha ou de la Connaissance de L`Esprit by M Felix Neve, Paris 1846
  15. Manual of Hindu Pantheism by G A Jacob, London 1888
  16. Doctrine of Maya in the philosophy of the vedanta by Prabhu Dutt Shastri, London 1911
  17. Bhagavad-Gita or the Lord’s song translated by Annie Beasant, Madras 1895
  18. Hindu Mysticism by Surendranath Dasgupta, Chicago 1927
  19. Indian Logic and Atomism by A B Keith, Oxford 1921
  20. Theosophy by Richard F Clarke, Calcutta 1892
  21. Ontology, being a translation of the "Tatwa Vidya" by Dwijendra Nath Tagore, Calcutta 1871
  22. Yajna Samhita: the religion of Sacrifices by Jogindra Nath-Tarkachudamani, Calcutta
  23. Yoga philosophy by Swami Vivekananda, London 1896


  1. Avesta, Livre Sacre des Sectateurs de Zoroastre by C De Harlez, Liege 1875
  2. Zorastrian ethics by M A Buch, Baroda 1919
  3. On the origin and authenticity of the Arian family of languages: the Zend Avesta and the Huzvarash, Bombay 1861
  4. Pazend texts by E E Kersaspji Antia, Bombay 1909
  5. Study of the five Zarathushtrian gathas by L H Mills, Leipsic 1894
  6. Treasure of the Magi by J Hope Moulton, London 1917
  7. Zoroastrian doctrine of a future life by J D Cursetji Pavry, New York 1926
  8. Zorastrian deities on Indo-Scythian coins by M Aurel-Stein, Bombay 1888
  9. Message of Zoroaster by A S N Wadia, London.
  10. Religion and customs of the Persians and other Iranians by Adolf Rapp, Bombay 1876


  1. Jaina inscriptions by P C Nahar, Calcutta 1918
  2. Epitome of Jainism by P C Nahar and K C Ghosh, Calcutta 1917
  3. La religion des Jaina by J Vinson, Paris 1870
  4. Kalpa sutra and nava tatva by J Stevenson, London 1848
  5. Uvasagadasao or the religious profession of an Uvasaga by A F Rudolf Hoernle, Calcutta 1890
  6. Notes on Modern Jainism by S Stevenson, Oxford 1910
  7. Etude sur le mythe de vrisabha by L de Milloue, Paris 1886
  8. Uber die Indische secte der Jaina by George Buhler, Wien 1887
  9. Repertoire d`epigraphie Jaina by A Guerinot, Paris 1908
  10. Jainism and Buddhism by A F Rudolf Hoernle.


  1. Light of Asia or the great renunciation by Edward Arnold, London 1891
  2. Wheel of the law by Henry Alabaster, London 1871
  3. Texts from the Buddhist Canon, known as Dhammapada by Samuel Beal, London 1878
  4. Christianity and Buddhism by T S Berry, London
  5. History of Buddhism by Bu-ston, Oxford 1931
  6. Marchea la Lumiere Bodhicaryavatara by Cantideva, Paris 1920
  7. Dathavansa or the history of the Tooth-relic of Gotama Buddha by Mutu Coomaraswamy, London 1874
  8. Nirvana by Joseph Dahlmann, Berlin 1896
  9. Buddhism, its History and literature by T W Rhys-Davids, London 1896
  10. Buddhist manual of psychological ethics - 4th century B C by C A F Rhys-Davids, London 1900
  11. Annales du Kandjour et du Tandjour by L Feer, Paris 1881
  12. Histoire du Bouddha sakya mouni by P E Foucaux, Paris 1868
  13. Lotus Gospel by E A Gordon, Tokyo
  14. Civilisatons de L`Orient by Rene Grousset, Paris 1930
  15. Legends and theories of the Buddhists by R Spence-Hardy, London 1866
  16. Asoka’s dharma and religion by H Heras, Bangalore
  17. Barlaam and Josaphat: English lives of Buddha by Joseph Jacobs, London 1846
  18. Light of Asia and the light of the World by S H Kellogg, London 1885
  19. Sanskrit Buddhist Literature of Nepal by Rajendralala Mitra, Calcutta 1882
  20. Truth and tradition in Chinese Buddhism by Reichett, Sanghai 1927

Books on Islam

  1. Life and teachings of Mohammed by Syed Ameer Ali, London 1891
  2. Preaching of Islam by T W Arnold, Westminster 1896
  3. Le Koran Analyse by Jules La Beaume, Paris 1878
  4. Dictionary of Islam by Thomas Patrick Hughes, London 1896
  5. Miracle play of Hasan and Husain by Lewis Pelly, London 1879
  6. Les Pensevra de L` Islam by Carra de Vaux, Paris 1921
  7. Arabia the cradle of Islam by S M Zwemer, Edinburgh 1900
  8. Six months in the Hejaz by John F Keane, London 1887
  9. Studies in a Mosque by Stanley Lane-Poole, Eden 1893
  10. Comprehensive commentary on the Quran by E M Wherry, London 1895

Books on Missions

  1. Handbuch der Katholischen missionen by Bernard Arens, Freiburg 1920
  2. Storia universale delle Missioni Francescane by P Marcellino de Civezza, Roma 1857-91
  3. Missions catholiques – Introduction a L`Histoire des Missionaires Belges by P De Becker, Bruxelles 1879
  4. Christian missions by T W M Marshall, London 1863
  5. Katholische missions geschichte by Joseph Schmidlin, Steyl 1925
  6. Histoire du Christianisme des Indes by M V La Croze, La Haye 1724
  7. History of Christianity in India by James Hough, London 1839
  8. Early Roman Catholic Missions in India by James F B Tinling, London 1871
  9. Les Origines de Christianisme aux Indes by L M Zaleski, Mangalore 1915
  10. Indo-Christian Iconography by H Heras, Bombay 1927

Books on Law

  1. Bengal Municipal Act 1884
  2. Code of Criminal procedure Act No XXV of 1861, with amendments, Calcutta 1862
  3. Indian Christian Marriage Act, 1872 as modified up to 1st April 1891, Calcutta 1891
  4. Law applicable to Christians by Paul Appasamy, Madras 1928
  5. Two treatises on the Hindu Law of Inheritance by H T Colebrooke, Calcutta 1810
  6. Legislation Orientale by M Anquetil Duperron, Amsterdam 1778
  7. Manava-Dharma-Sastra by Graves Chamney-Haughton, London 1825
  8. Recht und sitte by Julius Jolly, Strassburg 1896
  9. Administration of Justice in British India by William H Morley, London 1859
  10. Law relating to India and the East India Company, London 1841

Books on Medicine

  1. Materia Medica or some account of the Articles employed by the Hindus by Ainslie Whitelaw, London 1826
  2. Medicina Aegyptiorum by Alpini Prosperi, Lugduni 1718
  3. History of Cholera in India from 1862-1881 by H W Bellew, London 1885
  4. Manuel de Medicine by C Desaint, Compiegne 1876
  5. Etiology and Epidemiology of plague, Calcutta 1908
  6. Lettres historiques sur la medicine chez les Indous by Dr. Lietard, Paris 1862
  7. Plague in India 1896-97 by R Natham, Simla 1898
  8. Bengal pharmacopaeia by W E O’Shanghnessy, Calcutta 1844
  9. Short history of Aryan Medical science by Bhagvat Sinh Jee, London 1896
  10. Transactions of the first Indian Medical congress 1894, Calcutta 1895

Government and Administration

  1. An analysis of the Constitution of the East India company by Peter Auber, London 1826
  2. Les anglais aux Indas et en egypte by Eugene Aubin, Paris 1899
  3. Capture of Fort William, Calcutta by Ivan Batiushka, Calcutta 1890
  4. The port canning problem by John Besemeres, Calcutta 1868
  5. The Bhopal pamphlet by H H the Begum of Bhopal, Allahabad 1894
  6. Tableau politique et statistique de l`empire brittanique by Comte de Bjornstierna, Paris 1842
  7. Etude sur les differentes chartes de la compagnie Anglaise des Indes by F Delon, Paris 1897
  8. Administration of the Marquis of Landsdowne by George W Forrest, Calcutta 1894
  9. The government service manual by Charles R Hardless, Calcutta 1893
  10. Orient and Occident by Manmath C Mallik, London 1913
  11. List of the principal officials of India 1899
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Books on Economics

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Books on Central Asia

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Books on Japan

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