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Goethals News Bulletin
Goethals Indian Library & Research Society, Kolkata
Vol. XIII No. 3 Bulletin July-September 2010

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Jesuit Education

The Jesuit Order called the “Society of Jesus”, with around 19,216 (Jan 2007) members spread all over the world, has taken up every conceivable form of work, which may, in some way, lead people to total welfare. There are Jesuits working as doctors, social activists, research scholars, scientists, astronomers, architects, circus performers, movie actors, journalists, psychiatrists, besides of course, the traditional work of teachers and preachers.

“In that world where faith and power clash, the Society of Jesus has been the most fabled and fabulous, the most admired and reviled, in the practice of both. Jesuits have been both a puzzle and a model for the rest of the world. Friends and enemies, Catholics and non-Catholics, have all tried to unravel 'the power and the secret' of these religiously trained and devoted men who stand as giants in every secular pursuit of mankind as well. In science and art, writing and exploration and teaching - and not least in world politics - Jesuits always aimed to be the best. And they were. They had a part to play in every major political alliance in Europe and America, in Asia and Africa. They became shapers not only of religious history, but of world history. Even Hitler and his Nazi generals dreamed of such a cadre of men; and even Lenin envied them”.

- The Jesuits by Malachi Martin

Francis Xavier
The Indian mission of the Jesuits lies at the very origin of their Order. It is to India that Ignatius of Loyola, the Founder of the Society of Jesus, sent his greatest son, Francis Xavier, and to him and his collaborators, that he gave that inspiration and those directives, which became the basis of the Jesuit mission and method. India has also been the birthplace of missionary theories and the testing ground of missionary policies.

Francis Xavier was the first Jesuit to set foot on Indian soil on 6 May 1542. That day, he entered Goa in the entourage of the new governor, Martin Affonso de Sousa, with whom he had sailed from Lisbon. They were given a rousing welcome, and the natural beauty of the Mandovi riverside, together with the imposing buildings, could not but move Xavier. He took charge of the College of St Paul in Goa, started in 1541 by a group of Portuguese. This college was the first educational institution in India which became later the cornerstone of widespread Jesuit mission in education and in other fields.

Robert De Nobili came to India in 1605. Hailed by Max Muller as the “First European Sanskrit scholar”, he mastered Tamil and Sanskrit and translated the Vedas and other Hindu Scriptures. Constantine Beschi (1680-1747) occupies a special place in Tamil literature, something that the fifth world Tamil Congress held at Madurai in January 1981 proudly acknowledged by erecting his statue in the city. Thomas Stevens (1549-1600) has received accolades for his Kristaun Puran or Christian Purana, an epic in 11,000 stanzas which scholars still hail as a masterpiece of Marathi literature.

The Jesuits started the first printing press in India in 1556. Antonio de Monserratte (1556-1600) was the first person, after Ptolemy, to make a map of India. Joseph Tieffenthaller (1710-1785) was the first geographer to draw up a fairly accurate map of the Ganges. His Historical Geographical Description of India contains accurate descriptions of Indian birds, trees, plants and flowers that he studied during his 29-year-long tour of the region and also as a result of astronomical and geographical observations he made during those wanderings. The Jaipur astronomical library stands as a tribute to his work.

Two observatories
Fr Richard at Pondicherry used a telescope for the first time on Indian soil in 1689. He discovered the binary nature of the star Alpha Centauri. Fr Manuel de Firueredo, emissary of Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh of Jaipur to the King of Portugal, was largely responsible for the Jaipur and Delhi Observatories, impressive monuments, built between 1724 and 1735 respectively.
Fr Jerome D'Souza of Madras was a member of the Indian Constituent Assembly and four times India's delegate to the UN General Assembly.

Frs Ethelbert, Blatter and Henry Santapau were well known in botanical circles for their contribution to Indian botany. The internationally acclaimed Herbarium at St Xavier's College, Mumbai was established by them and was later named as Blatter herbarium. Fr Santapau became the first chief of the Botanical Survey of India and remained chief for six years. He was awarded the Padma Shri by the Government of India and the Birbal Sahani Medal by the Indian Botanical Society in 1964 for his services to Indian botany.

Fr C Bulke, a Belgian, India's most famous Christian Hindi scholar, enriched the Hindi and Sanskrit languages by his writings. He was an authority on the Rama theme and a well known lexicographer. The Government of India awarded him the Padma Bhushan in 1974 in recognition of his contribution to Hindi research and language.

Fr Eugene Lafont of St Xaviers College, Kolkata, has the distinction of introducing modern science into India with his knowledge of experimental physics and his ability to popularise science among the people. He was called the Father of Science in India. Sir JC Bose and Dr CV Raman found encouragement for their introduction to science in the person of Fr Lafont.

Reform of calendar
Matteo Ricci went to China and mastered Chinese. He rapidly became a mandarin and an advisor to the Emperor, a post held by generations of other Jesuits who succeeded him. Ricci was the first westerner to master Chinese and translate some of that country's classics into western languages. Alexander de Rhodes first gave Vietnamese a script. A Jesuit botanist, Jiri Kamel, working in Manila, gave the world the Camelia; while one of the lunar craters is named after the Jesuit astronomer, Christopher Clavius who was also largely responsible for the reform of the calendar resulting in the Gregorian calendar now in universal use.

The Jesuits in Latin America not only discovered cinchona, also known as Jesuit's bark, from which quinine is derived, but also worked mightily to protect the Indian tribes from the depredations of the Spanish colonists by forming them into self-contained communities which would be able to feed, house, clothe and protect themselves. The most celebrated example of this work are the famous “Jesuit reductions of Paraguay”, which is very beautifully portrayed in the famous film Mission by Ronald Joffe and acted by Robert de Niro.

Three of the most famous Jesuits of recent times have been Gerard Manley Hopkins, the poet and founder of the Romantic movement in English poetry; Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, the renowned paleontologist and mystic whose thought responds to a deeper human urge of today, the need to integrate science and human progress with the world of the spirit; and Karl Rahner, one of the greatest theologians of the Catholic Church.

Schools and colleges
They run no less than 31 university colleges, nine institutes of business administration and 155 high schools spread throughout the country, almost all of them among its most reputed. More than 400,000 students belonging to every religious, linguistic and socio-economic group receive their education.



India's Best Ranked Jesuit Colleges

Loyola College, Chennai Arts - 2 Commerce - 3 Science - 2
St. Xavier’s College, Kolkata Arts - 5 Commerce - 1 Science - 5
St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai Arts - 4   Science - 4

St. Xavier’s College, Ahmedabad

Arts - 11   Science - 10
St. Joseph’s College, Bangalore Arts - 16 Commerce - 10 Science - 12


SXCCAA International Convention

The first international convention of the St Xavier's College Calcutta Alumni Association, in Bangkok, was a mix of work and fun.

Held over two days, on July 24 and 25, ‘Beyond Boundaries I’ saw over 150 Xaverians from across the world discuss everything from the road ahead for the college and the SXCCAA to the Indian economy.

Speaking at the inaugural session, industrialist and alumni Pawan Ruia pledged to erect a new building for the college, which is in expansion mode, in the 150th year of the institution. Members of the SXCCAA donated Rs 50 lakh for the addition of a new floor to the existing hostel complex, that will be dedicated to postgraduate courses being offered by the college.

“The alumni, including Ruia, came forward with their assistance while we were discussing the roadmap for the college — St. Xavier's in 2020,” said Father Felix Raj, the principal of the college and the president of the SXCCAA.

The alumni association also raised Rs 5 lakh as scholarship for poor students of the college.

While discussions, seminars and business meetings dominated the days, the evenings were reserved for cultural programmes.

A special programme, 'Seemar Majhe Asim Tumi', based on songs and poems from Rabindranath Tagore's Gitanjali, was presented as a tribute to the former Xaverian. This is the centenary year of publication of the Bengali version of the volume.

The performance was conceived, directed and led by police commissioner and Xaverian Gautam Mohan Chakrabarti. Designer Agnimitra Paul joined him in the recitation and narration.

The programme also included performances by Toronto-based dancer and choreographer Sukalyan, actress Swastika Mukherjee and Xaverians Bickram Ghosh and Pandit Subhen Chatterjee.

A fashion show by Agnimitra Paul, showcasing Indian ethnic wear with showstopper Rituparna Sengupta, attended by Xaverians as well as the local Indian and Thai communities, was the finishing touch for the two-day convention.


Jesuit Colleges in India

  1. Andhra Loyola College, (1953) Vijayawada www.andhraloyolacollege.ac.in
  2. Arulanandar College, (1970) Karumathur, TN  
  3. Loyola Academy Secunderabad  
  4. Loyola College of Social Sciences, (1963) Thiruvananthapuram www.stxaviersthumba.org
  5. Loyola College, (1925) Chennai www.loyolacollege.edu
  6. Loyola College, (2009), Vettavalm  
  7. Loyola College, Kunkuri, MP  
  8. Loyola College, Trivandrum  
  9. Loyola Degree College, (YSSR) (1979) Pulivendla  
  10. St. Aloysius College, (1880) Mangalore www.staloysius.ac.in
  11. St. Joesph's College, (1844) Tiruchirappalli www.sjctni.edu
  12. St. Joseph 's College of Commerce, Bangalore www.sjcc.edu.in
  13. St. Joseph's College, (1882) Bangalore www.sjc.ac.i
  14. St. Joseph's College, (1927) Darjeeling  
  15. St. Vincent's Evening Commerce College, Pune  
  16. St. Xavier's College, (1860) Kolkata www.sxccal.edu
  17. St. Xavier's College, (1869) Mumbai  
  18. St. Xavier's College, (1944) Ranchi www.sxcran.org
  19. St. Xavier's College, (1964) Thiruvananthapuram  
  20. St. Xavier's College, (1954) Ahmedabad www.stxavierscollege.net 
  21. St. Xavier's College, (1923) Palayamkottai  
  22. St. Xavier's College, (2009) Patna  
  23. St. Xavier's College Rajganj  

St. Joseph's College (Autonomous)
P.B 315, Tiruchirapalli – 620 002
Website: www.sjctni.edu

College with potential for Excellence
Nationally Re-Accredited with A+
Affiliated to Bharathidasan University
Founded in 1844

Departments UG, PG, M.Phil, Ph.D Biochemistry, Biotechnology, Business Administration, Chemistry, Commerce, Computer Applications, Computer Science, Diploma Courses, Economics, Electronics, English, History, Human Resource Management, Information Technology, Mathematics, Physics, Plant Biology And Plant Biotechnology, Pm&Ir, Stat, Tamil.

Loyola College (Autonomous)
Chennai - 600 034
Tamil Nadu
Website: www.loyolacollege.edu
Year of Establishment : 1925
Affiliating University : University of Madras

Arts: Economics, English Literature, Foreign Languages, French Literature, History, Oriental Languages, Philosophy, Sociology, Social Work, Tamil Literature.

Science: Adv. Zoology & Bio-Tech, Chemistry, Computer Science, Mathematics, MCA, Physics, Plant Biology & Bio-tech, Statistics.

Commerce, Visual Communication and Media Arts
No. of Programmes : UG: 25 , PG:19, M. Phil.: 08, Ph.D.: 14
Area of the Campus : 96 Acres


St. Xavier's College
5 Mahapalika Marg
Bombay – 400 001
Website: www.xaviers.edu , www.ximr.com , www.xaviercomm.org 

Junior College:
Arts (10.30 a.m. to 4.00 p.m.)
Science (8.00 a.m. to 1.50/2.40 p.m.)

Senior College:
Arts (B.A.) ( 8.00 a.m.– 2.00 p.m.)
Science (B.Sc.) ( 8.00 a.m.- 4.00 p.m.)
Commerce (B.Com.) ( 5.50 p.m.– 9.20 p.m.)
Management (B.M.S.) ( 8.00 a.m.– 2.00 p.m.)
Mass Media (B.M.M.) ( 8.00 a.m. – 2.00 p.m.)
B.Sc. I.T. ( 8.00 a.m.- 2.00 p.m.)
Post-graduate degree :
M.A. and Ph.D. (Arts)
Ancient Indian Culture
Islamic Studies
M.Sc - Botany, Chemistry, Geology,
Life Science, Microbiology, Biotechnology
Ph.D. (Science)- Botany, Chemistry,
Geology and Life Science

St. Joseph's College of Commerce

163, Brigade Road,
Bangalore - 560 025,
Phone: +91 - 080-25360644, 25360646
Tele Fax: +91- 080-25540378
Email: info@sjcc.edu.in
Website: www.sjcc.edu.in 
B.Com, BBM, MCom, MIG, PG Diploma Management

St. Joseph's College
Lalbagh Road,

Bangalore – 560 027
e-mail : desk@sjc.ac.in
Website: www.sjc.ac.in
Office : 080 22211429 / 080 22274079

B.A. Courses:
History, Economics, Political Science, Sociology, Industrial Relations.

B.Sc. Courses:
Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Botany, Zoology, Environmental Science, Microbiology, Electronics, Computer Science, Botany, Biotechnology, Chemistry,
Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA)
Bachelor of Social Work (BSW)

Diploma: Space Sciences, Econometrics, English Studies , Legal Literacy, Personal Growth and Peer Counseling, Principles of Genetic Engineering, Journalism and Media , Making of documentaries, Indian Dance, Western Dance, Street Theatre, Analytical Chemistry, Medical transcription

Post Graduate:
M.Sc.: Botany, Chemistry, Computer Science, Microbiology
M.A. : English, Economics, Political Science
Master of Social Work (MSW)


St. Xavier's College
P.B. 9
Ranchi – 834 001
Website: www.sxcran.org
Year of Establishment: 1944

Courses offered:
English UG/PG, Hindi UG/PG, Sanskrit UG, History UG, Economics UG, Pol. Sc. UG, Geography UG, Commerce UG/PG, Chemistry UG, Physics UG, Maths UG, Geology UG, Zoology UG, Botany UG, Computer Applications UG, Information Technology UG, Functional English UG, Office Mgt. &Secretarial Practice UG, Advertising, Sales Promotion & Sales Mgt. UG, Principles and Practice of Insurance UG, Mass Communication & Video Production UG, Biotechnology UG, Bachelor in Business Administration UG.

St Aloysius College

P B 720, Mangalore- 575 003
Ph: 0824-2449701, 2449706
Email: denzil@staloysius.ac.in
Website: www.staloysius.ac.in

Under-Graduate Courses
B.A., B.Com, B.B.M., B.Sc., B.C.A, and B.S.W.

Post-Graduate Courses
MCA, MBA, MSW, M.Sc. in Bio-Technology, M.Sc.- Bioinformatics
M.A. Counselling, M.Sc.-Software technology , M.A.-Applied Economics
M.S.- in Mass Communications, M. Sc.-Analytical Chemistry , M.Com. (Finance & Accounting)

St. Xavier's College

Ahmedabad – 380 009
Website: www.stxavierscollege.net 

Special Economics, English, Gujarati, Psychology, Sanskrit, Subsidiaries, Hindi, Statistical Methods, Vocational Functional (Communicative) English, Classical Language: French & Arabic.

Biochemistry, Botany, Chemistry, Electronics, Mathematics, Physics, Statistics, Zoology, Vocational
Industrial Chemistry and Bio-technology

English Literature

Chemistry, Computer courses, Computer courses are offered in both Arts and Science.

St. Josephs College

PO North Point, Darjeeling,
WB -734 104
Tel: +91-354-2270555
Fax: +91-354-2270472

B.A. : Economics, History, Political Science, Sociology, Bengali, Hindi, English, Nepali
B.Sc. : Physics, Zoology, Microbiology, Computer Science, Chemistry, Botany,. Mathematics.
B.Com. : Accountancy Group, B.C.A., B.B.A.

Andhra Loyola College

Vijayawada-520 008
Website: www.andhraloyolacollege.ac.in

Economics, Politics, History, Telugu Literature, English Literature, Mathematics & Statistics:

Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, Chemistry with PGDIT (Post Graduate Diploma in Information Technology), Statistics, Botany, Zoology, Computer Science, Microbiology, Statistics, Electronics, Bachelor of Computer Applications, Biotechnology and Visual Communication

B.Com (General)
B.Com. (Computers)

Master of Computer Applications (MCA)
Master of Business Applications (MBA)
M.Sc. (Bio-Technology)
M.Sc. (Botany)
M.Sc. (Physics)
M.Sc. (Chemistry)

St Xaviers College, Thumba,

Thiruvananthapuram - 695 586, Kerala
Phone : 0471 2705254.
Email : principalthumba@yahoo.com
Website: www.stxaviersthumba.org

Courses Offered
B.A Courses
BA Malayalam, BA History and BA Economics.

B.Sc Courses
B.Sc Mathematics, B.Sc Physics, B.Sc Chemistry and B.Sc Botany.

B.Com Course

P G Courses

M.Sc Physics.

Kolkata, St. Xavier's College (Autonomous)
30 Mother Teresa Sarani
Kolkata - 700 016
Website: www.sxccal.edu

Undergraduate Courses
Commerce (B.Com.)
B.Com. Accounting and Finance
B.Com. Marketing Management Specialisation
Business Administration (B.B.A.)

Arts (B.A.)
B.A. English
B.A. Political Science
B.A. Sociology
B.A. Film Studies
B.A. General

Science (B.Sc.)
B.Sc. Physics
B.Sc. Chemistry
B.Sc. Mathematics
B.Sc. Economics
B.Sc. Computer Science
B.Sc. Statistics
B.Sc. Microbiology

Mass Communication
B.Sc. Major Vocational:
Mass Communication & Videography (MCV)
Bachelor's degree program in Multimedia and Animation (BMA)

Postgraduate Courses
M.Sc. in Computer Sc.
M.Sc. in Biotechnology
M.Sc. in Physics with specialization in AstroPhysics
M.Sc. in Microbiology
Master of Commerce (M.Com)
Bachelor of Education (B.Ed)

Certificate & Diploma Courses
Logistics & Supply-Chain Management
Integrated Marketing Communication
Computerised Accounting & Financial Decision-making
Tax Practices and Procedures
Foreign Trade Practices and Management
Real Estate Management
Soft skill Training and Personality Development
Certified Capital Market Expert


Jesuit Business Schools

  1. Andhra Loyola College of Business Administration Vijayawada  
  2. Joseph Institute of Management Tiruchirappalli  
  3. Loyola Institute of Business Administration (1979) Chennai  
  4. St Joseph 's College of Business Administration Bangalore  
  5. Xavier Institute of Development, Action & Studies Jabalpur  
  6. Xavier Institute of Management & Research (2006) Mumbai  
  7. Xavier Institute of Management (1987) Bhubaneswar www.ximb.ac.in
  8. Xavier Institute of Social Science (1973) Ranchi www.xiss.ac.in
  9. Xavier Labour Relations Institute (1949) Jamshedpur www.xlri.ac.in

Xavier Institute of Social Science (XISS)

The Xavier Institute of Social Service (XISS) was established as an extension department of St. Xavier's College, Ranchi, in 1955 with the objective of training young men and women in Rural Development, Personnel Management and Industrial Relations. In 1973 the institute was registered as a separate educational society under the Societies Registration Act, 1860. In 1978, it moved to its present site and over the years has developed its own distinct identity as a centre of excellence in management education, research, consultancy and development interventions.
Xavier Institute of Social Service
P. O. BOX 7, Ranchi - 834 001

Phone: +91 - 651 - 2200873, 2204456
Fax: +91 - 651 - 2315381, 2351482
E-mail: xiss@xiss.ac.in
Website: www.xiss.ac.in

Academic Programme Overview Courses
Post Graduate Diploma in Personnel Management (PGDPM)
Post Graduate Diploma in Rural Development (PGDRD)
Post Gradutae Diploma in Informatin Management (PGDIM)
Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management (Marketing)
Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management (Finance)

Xavier Labour Relations Institute (XLRI)

Xavier Labour Relations Institute, Jamshedpur is a premier management institute in the country was founded in 1949 in the Steel city of Jamshedpur, Bihar. Over the last few decades, XLRI Jamshedpur has contributed its best to the professional growth and management of innumerable institutions that serve the public, especially organized industry, Labour, service agencies engaged in rural development, education, health and other public systems.

Circuit House Area (East) Jamshedpur 831 035 Jharkhand - India
P : +91 - 657 - 398 3333
F : +91 - 657 - 222 7814
E : xlwebmaster@xlri.ac.in
Website: www.xlri.ac.in 
Admission Office : admis@xlri.ac.in

The various full-time and part-time management programmes offered by XLRI are Business Management (BM), Personnel Management & Industrial Relations (PM & IR), Fellow Program in Management (FPM), Executive Post Graduate Program (ExePGP), General Management Program (GMP), Satellite Program (PGCBM), Management Development Program (MDP) and Student Exchange (POISE)

The Admission process involves the following:
To get admission to XLRI, candidates have to appear for XAT.
To register for XAT, candidates have to fill the XAT Form that is available online at www.xlri.edu. Once the candidate logs on to this site, a full set of instructions will appear. The candidate can obtain his/her ID and password by following these instructions. This ID and password are to be indicated for all the future correspondence with the XAT Office, Jamshedpur.
The application form to apply for XLRI is available only online.

Xavier Institute of Management (XIM)
Xavier Square
Bhubaneswar – 751 013
Ph: 91 674 3012345,
Fax: 91 674 2300995
Email: info@ximb.ac.in
Website: www.ximb.ac.in




Colleges of Education

  1. Loyola College of Education (1976) Jamshedpur – 831 004
  2. Loyola College of Education (1994) Namchi – 737 126
  3. Loyola College of Education (2007) Chennai – 600 034
  4. Loyola College of Education (2007) Karimnagar – 505 451
  5. St. Paul Institute of Education Kohima - 797 001
  6. St. Xavier's College of Education (1950) Palayamkottai – 627 002
  7. St. Xavier's College of Education (1988) Patna – 800 011
  8. St. Xavier's College of Education (2005) Ranchi – 834 001
  9. St. Xavier's College of Education Hindupur- 515211
  10. St. Xavier's Institute of Education Ambikapur - 497001
  11. St. Xavier's Institute of Education Mumbai – 400 020
  12. St. Xavier's College of Education Kolkata - 700 016


Exhibition at Goethals

Exhibition of Rare books Plates and maps on Indian History and Geography was held from 19th – 24th July, 2010.
The exhibition was well attended by the public as well as students from schools and colleges. They appreciated the Paintings specially on Old Calcutta and the surroundings. There were lot of enquires about the Daggers in the collection of the library.
Few were interested with the Smith's Celestial Globe by George Philip and Sons Ltd. London.
The Wax model of the Taj Mahal was also a special attraction.


Visitors Speak

A rich and rare collection. One gets lost in the vast treasure of knowledge. There is much to receive and treasure. Joseph Stanislaus Conrad, Kolkata.

It was inspiring and very interesting to see the ancient paintings, maps and manuscripts. We enjoyed viewing the same. Class V-A St. Xavier's Collegiate School, Kolkata.

It was informative. Well kept and maintained. Inputs were good. Class V-B St. Xavier's Collegiate School, Kolkata.

It was very interesting. Very good display of ancient paintings and maps. Class IV-A St. Xavier's Collegiate School, Kolkata.

Very interesting and superb presentation. Class IV-A St. Xavier's Collegiate School, Kolkata.

Very wide range of collections on history of world. Lots to learn! Manish & Krishna, B.Com. St. Xavier's College.

A rare collection worth seeing. Nice to see the Old Calcutta Pictures. Wonderful Collection. M.Sc Students of St. Xavier's College.

This exhibition really made me journey through the past historical days of India. The plates, pictures, paintings and maps are surprising… A beautiful venture and it is a great boost for the history students and researchers.
Fr. Arockiasamy J., Morningstar college, Kolkata-120.

I don't know how but please make sure that at least every Xaverian come here. Tirthankar Sengupta, St Xavier's college Kolkata.

A truly great collection, my visit was truly an enjoyable experience. Akshay Modi, Liluha.

It is very heart touching and Marvelous. Basant Chandah, Hooghly.

It's really very knowledgeable and gives us an opportunity to appreciate the art which we never knew about. Ankita Tibrewal, St Xavier's college, Kolkata.

I was happy to see the exhibition of very rare paintings of the history. Fr. Stephen Pampackal, Morning Star College.


New Books in the Library

Beyond Borders: A Global Prespective of Jesuit Mission History, Ed. By Shinzo Kawamura and Cyril Veliath, Sophia University Press, Tokyo, 2009.

Bibliography of Christians of Bengal, 1715-1991 A.D. Comp. and Ed. By Boniface Subrata Gomes, Pratibeshi Prakashani, Dhaka, 2009.

Business of Freedom, by Sandeep Singh, Ed. By Ratan Sharda, Vishwa Adhyayan Kendra, Mumbai, 2008.

Emergence of New Social Structure in Jalpaiguri District (1865-1947), by Shesadri Prosad Bose, Readers Service, Kolkata, 2008.

History of The 'Bengal' Mission 1859 to 1920, by Henri Josson, Tr. By A. Huart, SJ and L. Clarysse, Gujarat Sahitya Prakash, Gujarat, 2009.

Jeanne Jugan: Humble So As To Love More, By Paul Milcent Tr. By Alan Neame, Darton, Longman and Todd Ltd, Great Britain, 2000.

Manuscript and Manuscriptology in India, Ed. By Subodh Gopal Nandi and Projit Kumar Palit, Kaveri Books, 2010.

NGOs in the Human Right Movement, by Kaushlendra Mishra, Navyug Publishers and Distributors, New Delhi, 2008.

Ramakrishna and Christ, By Hans Torwesten, Tr. By John Phillips, The Ramakrishna Mission Institute of Culture, Culcutta, 1999.

Sannyasi and Fakir Raiders in Bengal, by Rai Sahib Jamini Mohan Ghosh, Punthi Pustak, Kolkata, 2010.

The Muslims of Bengal, by Atin Bhattacharya, Tandrita Chandra (Bhaduri) Readers Service, Kolkata, 2007.

Vedic River Saravati And Hindu Civilization, Ed. By S. Kalya-naraman, Aryan Books International, New Delhi, 2008.

Whispers of Eternity, by Bhaskar Gupta, Knowledge Bank Publishers and Distributers, Kolkata, 2010.

White & Black: Journey to the centre of Imperial Calcutta, By Soumitra Das, Niyogi Books, New Delhi, 2009.


Research at the Goethals

Ariktam Chatterjee on Bible Translation in Bengali: 1800 – Present, Kolkata
Christina Mirza on Mutiny, Kolkata
Dipankar Basu, on Tagore and Jesuits, Kolkata.
Dominic J Azavedo on The Herald from 1968 onwards, Kolkata
Fr. C. John, SJ. on Belgian Jesuit Mission in Bengal, Kolkata.
Fr. C. M. Paul, Rome, on Mother Teresa and The Media.
G. M. Kapur on Calcutta Heritage, Kolkata
Gopal Krishna Bhagat on Calcutta Heritage, Kolkata
Indrani Dasgupta, Kolkata, on The Herald 100 years back.
Ranjan Bandyopadhyay on Dr. Murray Mitchell, Hooghly
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Vanessa Hildreth, on Christianity in India, St Xavier's Collegiate School, Kolkata.


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Thank you for your News Bulletin dated Jan-March, 2010.
Article about Rev. Fr. Babu, is thought provoking and interesting. The news bulletin is useful and I kept it on our magazine stand. Please send these items regularly to our Fr. Gordon Library.
Dr. G. A. Prasad Rao, Librarian, Andhra Loyola College, Vijayawada.

Goethals Library has some very valuable and otherwise difficult to obtain material.
Ms. Christina Mirza, Kolkata.

Thank you very much for your informative Goethals News.
I am glad to note that the college had celebrated 150 years of existence and dedicate service to the Nation, in the field of education, propelling many into the National and international scene, and in veery important slots. I congratulate you on bringing the prime minister, Home Minister and host of other such high dignitaries to lend importance and significance to the event.
A.X. Alexander, Chennai.


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