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Books, Articles and Essays by Fr. Felix Raj

Indian Economy - A Visionary Perspective by Fr. Felix Raj, Prof Samrat Roy and Prof. Koushik Hati contains 20 essays on Development and International Trade and Finance in honour of sesquicentenary of St. Xavier's College, Kolkata. 2016


Discovery of Bengal: The Jesuit Design 

Edited by Father Albert Huart and Father J. Felix Raj, SJ 2014

‘Disinvestment in India Trends, Problems and Prospects’

by Dr. J Felix Raj

Published by Regal Publications, F-159, Rajouri Garden, New Delhi – 110 027, 2013.  Pp 460

Ten Years of WTO : Towards an Asian Union, (ed) in two volumes, Deep and Deep Publications, New Delhi 2009

Indian Economy – Economic Ideas, Development and Financial Reforms - Essays in honour of Prof. Raj Kumar Sen, (ed.) Deep and Deep Publications, New Delhi, 2008. Contemporary Development Economics from Adam Smith to Amartya Sen, Felix Raj & others, New Central Book Agency Pvt. Ltd., Kolkata, 2006. Memories of a Movement – AICUF in West Bengal 1948-1996, AICUF Publications, Kolkata, 1996.


Book publications


Dr. Raj has authored and co-authored six books and has written numerous articles in journals, magazine and newspapers.

  • Emerging Issues on Inclusive Growth, Business and Environment, (ed.) (2016), Regal Publishers, New Delhi.[20]

  • Indian Economy – A Visionary Perspective, (ed.) (2015), Regal Publishers, New Delhi.[19]

  • Discovery of Bengal: The Jesuit Design, (2014), The Goethals Indian Library and Research Society.[18]

  • Disinvestment in India – Trends, Problems and Prospects, (2012), Regal Publishers, New Delhi.[17]

  • WTO and Asian Union – Ten Years of WTO, (ed.) (2009), Deep and Deep Publications, New Delhi.

  • Indian Economy – Economic Ideas, Development and Financial Reforms – Essays in honour of Prof. Raj Kumar Sen, (ed., (2008), Deep and Deep Publications, New Delhi.[16]

  • Contemporary Development Economics from Adam Smith to Amartya Sen, (Felix Raj & others), (2006) New Central Book Agency Pvt. Ltd., Kolkata, 2006.[15]

  • Memories of a Movement – AICUF in West Bengal 1948–1996, (1996) AICUF Publications, Kolkata.

  • Relevance of Christianity in India Today (ed.), (1986) Jnana Deepa Vidyapeeth, Pune.

Article Publications  

(2016): “ Her Healing Touch”, The Indian Express, September 2, pg. 9 (The Ideas Page).

(2016): “A Time to Reflect” – Saint Teresa of Kolkata, Indian Currents, September 05 – 11, Pg 33 – 35, Delhi.

(2016) "Revisiting India's Economic Reform", Indian Currents, 18–24 July, New Delhi[22]

(2015): ‘A Quest for Value-based Inclusive Growth’ in Artha Beekshan Volume 25, Issue 1, February, Kolkata

(2014): “ Inclusive Growth and Human Development”, in Inclusive Development – An Indian Theological Response (ed), Indian Theological Association, Bangalore, Pgs. 17 – 41.

(2014): “ Rethinking Development as Liberation”, (R.N. Sen Memorial Lecture), Artha Beekshan, March, Vol. 22, No. 4, Pgs. 03 – 23, Kolkata.

(2014) "Empirical Evidence on the Relationship Between Stock Market Development and Economic Growth: A Cross-Country Exploration in Asia, Chapter 23 in Analytical Issues in Trade, Development and Finance by Ambar Nath Ghosh and Asim Karmakar (Ed.), Springer, 2014 [21]

(2013) "Towards Inclusive Growth – II : Distorted Development", Indian Currents, 21–27 October, New Delhi

(2013) "Towards Inclusive Growth – I : Distorted Development", Indian Currents, 14–20 October, New Delhi

(2012) "More Reforms, Less Jobs", Indian Currents, 5–11 November, New Delhi

(2012) "Indian Economy at the Crossroads", Guest Editorial in Vidyajothi Journal of Theology, Vol. 76, 2 February 2012, Delhi

(2010) "The Economic Ideas of Thiruvalluvar" and "The Economic Ideas of Arthasastra" are recommended as study/reference materials in Northern University of Illinois

(2010) "West Bengal at the Crossroads", Chapter 47 in Modern Indian Economy – Essays in Memory of Professor Alak Ghosh by Sen Raj Kumar (Ed.), Deep and Deep Publishers, Delhi, 2010, pp. 667–674

(2009) "WTO and Asia", Chapter 59 in WTO and Asian Union – Ten Years of WTO by Sen Raj Kumar and Raj John Felix (Ed.), Deep and Deep Publishers, Delhi, pp. 654–668

(2008) "The Core of Spirituality", Indian Currents, Delhi, 30 March – 6 April

(2008) "Economic Reforms and Disinvestments of Public Sector Enterprises in India", Chapter 6 in Indian Economy – Economic Ideas, Development and Financial Reforms, (ed.) Raj J Felix, Deep & Deep Publications, Delhi 2008, pp. 68–100

(2008) "SEZs: Broken Promises in West Bengal", Social Action, Vol. 58, July–September 2008, ISI, New Delhi, pp. 283–293

(2008) "Asia is One" – The Statesman, Kolkata, 18 March 2008

(2007) "Bali – India Trade: Modern and Future Perspectives", Chapter 2 in Readings in World Development: Growth, Development and Poverty Allieviation in the Asia – Pacific (Ed. By Roy Kartick and Chatterjee Sri Kanta), Nova Publishers, 2007, pp. 7–14

(2007) "Global Realities and Radical Spirituality", Bulletin of the R.K. Mission Institute of Culture, January 2007, pp. 18–23


(2006) "Bali–India Trade: Modern and Future perspectives", Chapter 2 in Growth, Development and Poverty Alleviation in the Asia-Pacific (Readings in World Development) edited by Kartik C. Roy (The University of Queensland, Australia) and Srikanta Chatterjee (Massey University, New Zealand), 2006


(2006) "Kautilya and Thiruvalluvar: Economic Ideas", Chapter 8 in Economics in Arthasastra (Ed.) Sen Raj Kumar and Basu Ratan Lal, Deep and Deep Publishers, New Delhi, pp. 116 – 141


(2005) "Jesuit Mission I – a Puzzle and a Model", and "Jesuit Mission II – Wholehearted Response to Multicultural Realities", The Statesman, 17–18 August, Kolkata


(2005) "Brahmabandhab Upadhyay – A Forgotten Prophet", Indian Currents, Delhi, 21 August


(2005) "Neo-Liberalism, Globalization and Developing Economies – the Issue of Trust and Honesty", Artha Beekshan, September 2005, Kolkata pp. 1–28


(2005) "A Mantra for Development" (Cover Story article), Indian Currents, 2 October and 9 October 2005, New Delhi


(2005) "Economic Ideas in the Arthasastra and their Relevance today", Vidyjothi Journal, Vol. 69, No. 7, July 2005, Delhi pp. 514–522


(2004) "Liberazione e Partecipazione – Ripensare percorsi di crescita per il Terzo" Mondo Orientamenti No 3, pp 44–57, Milan


(2004) "Disinvestments and Unemployment", Artha Beekshan, Vol. 13, No. 3, December 2004


(2004) "Globalization and its impact on Tribals in India", Xavier Research Journal, Ranchi, St. Xavier's College, Ranchi


(2004) "Thiruvalluvar, His ideas on Economics and their Relevance Today", Vidyajyothi, August 2004, Delhi


(2003) "Plight of Tribals – I & II", The Statesman, 9 & 10 July 2003, Kolkata

(2001) "Jesuit Education", The Statesman, 31 July, Kolkata

(2000) "Studying India: Education in a Global Village", The Statesman, 10 September, Kolkata

(2000) "Challenges to Change – Educational System", cover page article, Indian Currents, New Delhi, 3 September

(1988) "Robert Antoine – The Indologist", in Jesuit Contribution to India, Gujarat Sahitya Prakash, Anand

(1984) "Teilhard de Chardin", Bhavan's Journal, Bombay, 16 July


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 Fr. Lafont & J. C. Bose  

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